Sunday, September 16, 2012

Outdoor wear

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Boots: Blendstones

Socks: Smart Wool

Nantucket Red Chinos: Gap

Plaid Shirt: Tommy Hillfigure

Sweater: Clavin Klein

Vest: Land's End

Hat: Zara

Watch: Timex

Anchors and Nantucket Red

Nantucket Red

Wedding Wear

Brown Leather Wingtips: Imperial
Anchor Socks: Gap
Nantucket Red Chinos: Gap
Belt: U.S Polo Assn.
Oxford: Old Navy
Bow Tie: Countess Mara
Jacket: Zara

Autumn Transition

To wear when it is cold...but not cold enough.

Shoes: Clark's Wallabee boots
Yellow Rolled Shorts: Chaps
Purple Shirt: Nordstrom Rack Extra Slim
Belt: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Navy Piped Sweater: Calvin Klein
Martini Olive Bow tie: Vintage
Watch: Timex

Book Twine and Argyle

School wear

Shoes: Dad's old Golfers
Argyle Socks: Land's End 
Olive Chinos: Dockers Slim
Navy and White Ribbon Belt: U.S Polo Assn.
Blue and White Striped Oxford: Polo Ralph Lauren
Tie: Brooks Brothers
Purple V-Neck Sweater: Gap
Unconstructed Wool Jacket: Zara

Tweed and Beavers

Desert Boot -ish

London School of Econ. sweatshirt

Tweed Jacket/Blazer: Gap 
Bow tie: Vintage or something…
Khaki Pants: Gap
Blue Oxford Shirt: Old Navy
Collegiate Sweatshirt: London School of Economics
Shoes: his dad’s

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I make Videos too. So I am the one in the green penny (tank), if you are interested in getting one you can purchase them at

My friends who were in this have a blog too:

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Desert Boots

Yesterday, after much too long in waiting, I finally received what I had been meaning to purchase for the last year: Desert Boots. These versatile boots were originally worn by officers in the british army in WWII. I have been wanting these boots for so long because they are so dynamic, I have seen desert boots worn with anything from a suit, to shorts.

I purchased these boots from for around 65 dollars. I did not get the traditional color which is a lighter suede, and looks great with colored chinos. Although the asos brand seems very well built, if I had more cash I would have bought the boots from Clark's. Since their staple shoe is the Desert boot.

Party on,

Friday, August 31, 2012

5 days of Summer

Summer, for me at least, is still going. I only have 5 days left until I'm a high school sophomore, but I intend to make the most of it. I figured these shorts represent summer perfectly, even if they are 34's while I am a 30.

Hair: new haircut from my favorite stylist, very important to have a good relationship with the person who cuts your hair.
Shirt: Plain white button-down from Gap, Collar stays are essential.
Tie: Bow tie from Countess Mara. Learn to tie your Bow tie to perfection
Sweater: H&M V-neck. 
-Note: both the shirt and sweater are very plain colors, to wear more bright colors with the shorts would be overwhelming. While the tie has color to balance the outfit.
Belt: woven leather, a light brown, dark colors with these shorts would look bad.
Shorts: Polo Golf, these shorts are the focal point of this outfit.